Magic Recipe Spell

The MagicDiligence Magic Recipe Spell is our best approximation of Joel Greenblatt's famous Magic Formula® Investing screen.

In this spell, we take all non-financial and utility stocks with an over $1 billion market cap and rank them according to their earnings yield and return on tangible capital, taking the top 50 from the results. The resulting list gives us the stocks with the best combinations of a low valuation (earnings yield) and high quality (return on capital).

Want to modify the spell? It's easy! Members can simply go to the Spell Caster, select 'Magic Recipe' in the dropdown, and make any changes they like!

Greenblatt's strategy was highly successful. According to his book, The Little Book That Beats the Market, over a nearly 20 year period the Magic Formula nearly doubled the returns of the S&P 500, and has continued to outperform since publication.

Magic Recipe
Tracking Portfolios

Magic Recipe Spell Results for 2017-05-24

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GILDGilead Sciences, Inc.$64.3184,88929.4%-137.4%48.4%4.771
IDCCInterDigital, Inc.$82.202,97718.0%174.2%28.3%3.242
UTHRUnited Therapeutics Corporation$121.005,55422.2%109.4%12.7%3.523
MSGNMSG Networks Inc. Class A$21.301,61111.1%215.8%-13.1%2.314
ESRXExpress Scripts Holding Company$59.8636,22110.0%-270.4%-1.2%0.715
NSRNeuStar, Inc. Class A$33.151,89012.7%138.0%10.3%0.926
GMEGameStop Corp. Class A$22.712,32821.3%99.1%-1.5%1.227
TGNATEGNA, Inc.$23.455,10210.2%288.6%-7.8%1.248
TAROTaro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.$104.414,27720.4%96.2%12.3%7.449
AOBCAmerican Outdoor Brands Corporation$22.821,30415.2%89.5%8.6%1.9510
SYNTSyntel, Inc$18.411,54313.2%95.8%5.5%2.0911
MIKMichaels Companies Inc$19.513,97011.2%101.4%4.4%1.5112
KORSMichael Kors Holdings Ltd$36.756,07217.0%76.0%30.5%2.0413
WUWestern Union Company$19.279,3198.5%335.3%-0.6%0.8814
DLXDeluxe Corporation$67.753,2999.3%138.2%5.3%0.9515
USNAUSANA Health Sciences, Inc.$64.251,61810.2%106.0%11.9%2.5216
MDPMeredith Corporation$54.002,46011.2%83.5%4.0%0.7517
OMCOmnicom Group Inc$83.1519,6658.1%-227.2%1.9%0.9118
GNTXGentex Corporation$18.945,52111.0%76.4%12.8%4.3519
TDCTeradata Corporation$28.383,7019.0%123.0%-4.7%2.0420
TIMETime, Inc.$12.051,20110.4%80.1%-2.8%0.9321
ABCAmerisourceBergen Corporation$89.9719,9038.1%323.4%19.2%0.9222
RGRSturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.$62.951,15811.8%70.2%0.3%2.1823
WNCWabash National Corporation$21.431,35813.5%63.2%4.6%2.1024
RHIRobert Half International Inc.$45.825,7929.8%88.0%7.4%1.9025
AAPLApple Inc.$153.34806,8288.5%120.0%8.7%1.3926
CVSCVS Health Corporation$76.4279,09510.0%78.1%11.9%1.0826
VGRVector Group Ltd.$21.682,7227.8%352.8%18.9%3.4627
CPLACapella Education Company$87.151,0408.0%160.8%1.1%3.6928
BBYBest Buy Co., Inc.$50.4216,04912.6%59.8%-2.4%1.4828
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.$126.858,2497.7%351.9%10.6%1.5829
AMGNAmgen Inc.$154.60114,5598.7%94.8%6.7%4.4130
LBL Brands, Inc.$49.5814,39010.5%64.0%5.3%1.4431
HPQHP Inc.$19.0132,7168.9%85.9%-20.6%0.9632
TNHTerra Nitrogen Company, L.P.$81.371,5059.5%74.5%-16.8%3.0733
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.$31.49158,7109.7%73.5%0.5%3.6734
FLFoot Locker, Inc.$59.637,94914.4%51.0%6.1%4.3235
AMNAMN Healthcare Services, Inc.$36.501,8079.4%72.4%24.5%1.7036
JNPRJuniper Networks, Inc.$29.3411,3849.4%72.6%2.3%2.5237
SBHSally Beauty Holdings, Inc.$17.382,45612.2%54.1%3.0%2.4038
SNIScripps Networks Interactive, Inc. Class A$66.908,74710.0%66.0%10.4%1.4539
CSGSCSG Systems International, Inc.$40.281,3138.8%77.8%0.3%2.6040
GPSGap, Inc.$22.198,89817.3%46.2%-1.2%1.7641
CACA, Inc.$31.6113,1187.5%156.6%-3.6%1.2442
ABBVAbbVie, Inc.$65.93105,6867.3%233.4%11.0%1.6543
HRBH&R Block, Inc.$25.905,3848.4%79.0%1.5%2.1744
UBNTUbiquiti Networks, Inc.$47.253,9377.8%107.8%31.4%8.7145
CRUSCirrus Logic, Inc.$65.394,3858.2%82.5%29.2%5.3945
DNBDun & Bradstreet Corporation$105.813,9267.2%270.9%1.0%0.9446
GIBCGI Group Inc. Class A$49.1515,2017.2%192.1%-6.6%1.0947

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