GameStop Corp. Class A

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gray dotBusiness Model Rating
$19.07Share Price
$1.9 BMarket Cap
23.8%EBIT / EV
23.5%FCF / EV
19.3%Cash ROIC
-1.5%3yr Avg Revenue Growth
1.20Current Ratio
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Business Model Diligence

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Statistical Diligence

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check mark The EBIT / Enterprise Value of 23.8% ranks as Suspicious.
check mark The Free Cash Flow / Enterprise Value of 23.5% ranks as Very High.
check mark The Return on Invested Capital Value of 19.5% ranks as Above Average.
check mark The Cash Return on Capital Value of 19.3% ranks as Above Average.
x mark The 3 Year Average Revenue Growth Value of -1.5% ranks as Below Average.
check mark Near-term Financial Health appears to be OK. The Current Ratio is 1.20.

Company Description

GameStop Corp. is a global retailer of multichannel video game, pop culture collectibles, consumer electronics and wireless services. It operates as an omnichannel video game retailer, the AT&T authorized retailer, the Apple certified products reseller, Cricket WirelessTM reseller and the owner of, sellers of collectible pop culture themed products. The company was founded in June 2000 and is headquartered in Grapevine, TX.


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