Magicjack Vocaltec Ltd.



$8.45Share Price
$136 MMarket Cap
1.9%EBIT / EV
0.0%FCF / EV
0.0%Cash ROIC
-11.9%3yr Avg Revenue Growth
1.15Current Ratio
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Business Model Diligence

We do not yet have Business Model Diligence for this stock.

Statistical Diligence

x mark The EBIT / Enterprise Value of 1.9% ranks as Poor.
x mark The Free Cash Flow / Enterprise Value of 0.0% ranks as Poor.
x mark The Return on Invested Capital Value of 2.7% ranks as Poor.
x mark The Cash Return on Capital Value of 0.0% ranks as Poor.
x mark The 3 Year Average Revenue Growth Value of -11.9% ranks as Poor.
check mark Near-term Financial Health appears to be OK. The Current Ratio is 1.15.

Company Description

magicJack VocalTec Ltd. engages in the provision of cloud communications and manufacture of communication devices. Its products and services include telephone home service and voice applications. The company operates and distributes under the following the magicJack PLUS, magicJack EXPRESS and magicJack GO brands. magicJack VocalTec was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel.


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