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Deep Value Spell

Inexpensive Stocks Against Earnings and Free Cash Flows
purple wand

In this spell, we take all non-financial and utility stocks with an over $1 billion market cap and rank them by earnings yield and free cash flow yield, taking the top 50 from the results. The results give us the market's most inexpensive stocks while guarding against the accounting shenanigans that can be applied to the income statement.

The Deep Value Spell is designed after numerous studies that have proven that inexpensive stocks on an earnings and cash flow basis outperform the overall market. Many of those same studies have shown the EBIT/EV (earnings yield) and FCF/EV (cash flow yield) to be the best screening factors available to find successful stocks for short-term holding periods. As always, members can modify it to your liking using the Spell Caster tool!

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Tracking Portfolios
blue wand Magic Recipe 33.56%
purple wand Deep Value 26.96%
orange wand Quality Growth 54.79%
green wand Green Team 16.01%
red dot Red Rating 8.00%
yellow dot Yellow Rating 20.92%
green dot Green Rating 28.22%
New Spell Stocks
blue wand Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (UBNT)
blue wand Cambrex Corporation (CBM)
purple wand New Stocks Added!
orange wand New Stocks Added!