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This tool allows you to view stocks as they rank in the overall market for a number of individual Magic Formula and other statistics. Each group represents 20% of the market. For example, the 'Poor' grouping represents the bottom 20% of the market, while the 'Very High' grouping represents the top 20%. The highest 1% of the market is grouped into the 'Suspicious' category, as these stocks require more research to validate the numbers.

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Below is a sample pre-selected distribution, the 'Suspiciously High' Earnings Yield group.

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Poor Below Avg Average Above Avg Very High

All Stocks with 'Suspiciously High' Earnings Yield

ARCIAppliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.$0.99725.4%0.1%11.4%-6.8%1.43
BKEBuckle, Inc.$16.680225.0%25.4%59.8%-4.5%4.51
EBIOEleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.$1.33239.5%33.1%1085.5%980.2%4.27
EGYVAALCO Energy, Inc.$0.744331.5%0.8%45.3%-29.1%0.79
EVKEver-Glory International Group, Inc.$2.353531.5%61.2%13.1%3.3%1.50
FLFoot Locker, Inc.$31.284,12928.4%18.9%40.9%6.1%5.63
FNJNFinjan Holdings, Inc.$2.0548113.9%117.1%2801.2%285.9%5.35
FRANFrancesca's Holdings Corporation$6.9725426.6%15.8%48.8%12.7%2.13
GUREGulf Resources, Inc.$1.748154.7%32.6%28.4%10.3%11.94
HIBBHibbett Sports, Inc.$14.129329.6%28.8%23.9%4.5%3.00
HIHOHighway Holdings Limited$3.451325.5%0.0%57.5%-4.8%2.66
KODKEastman Kodak Company$6.427342.0%0.0%16.8%-13.0%2.54
NAIINatural Alternatives International, Inc.$10.67130.8%27.4%38.3%19.3%5.03
NEWTNewtek Business Services Corp.$17.4630336.4%0.0%68.0%-19.1%1.44
NHTCNatural Health Trends Corp.$19.221651.6%36.2%2965.1%86.1%2.74
PCOPendrell Corporation$6.616798.4%0.0%29.6%87.3%16.39
PDLIPDL BioPharma, Inc.$3.554740.7%13.1%67.7%-9.1%1.94
RCMR1 RCM Inc$3.6837727.7%0.0%43.5%101.0%2.95
UEPSNet 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc.$9.4754233.1%29.8%40.9%1.8%1.53
VVUSVIVUS, Inc.$0.7958466.8%44.5%249.8%18.2%5.50

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