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Below is an example of the output, for Microsoft (MSFT):


Microsoft Corporation

Positive Review

$433.1 Billion

Instant Diligence

  • The EBIT / Enterprise Value of 6.9% ranks as Average.
  • The Free Cash Flow / Enterprise Value of 6.0% ranks as Above Average.
  • The Pre-Tax Return on Tangible Capital Value of 92.8% ranks as Very High.
  • The 3 Year Average Revenue Growth Value of 8.1% ranks as Average.
  • Near-term Financial Health appears to be Very High. The Current Ratio is 2.46.
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Using data from quarter ended 2015-09-30.

MarketCap=StockPrice * Shares
=53.69 * 8,066

TotalCash=Cash + LongTermInvestments
=99,355 + 11,438

ExcessCash=TotalCash - MAX(0; (CurrentLiabilities - CurrentAssets + Cash))
=110,793 - MAX(0; (49,399 - 121,656 + 99,355))

EnterpriseValue=MarketCap + TotalDebt - MAX(0; ExcessCash)
=433,064 + 38,567 - MAX(0; 83,695)

TangibleInvestedCapital=TotalAssets - Intangibles - CurrentLiabilities + ShortTermDebt - MAX(0; ExcessCash) - MinorityInterest
=172,896 - 21,887 - 49,399 + 10,748 - MAX(0; 83,695) - 0

EarningsYield=(OperatingEarnings - MinorityInterest) / EnterpriseValue
=(26,598 - 0) / 387,936
=0.069 (6.9%)

FreeCashFlow=OperatingCashFlow - MIN(CapEx; Depreciation)
=29,320 - MIN(6,018; 5,990)

FreeCashFlowYield=FreeCashFlow / EnterpriseValue
=23,330 / 387,936
=0.060 (6.0%)

PreTaxReturnOnTangibleCapital=OperatingEarnings / TangibleInvestedCapital
=26,598 / 28,663
=0.928 (92.8%)

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