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Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula® Investing* stock strategy delivered an amazing 30% annual return to investors over a 17 year period. MagicDiligence researches, reviews, and recommends only Magic Formula® and Magic Formula-like stocks, separating the great investment opportunities from the pretenders. Professional quality research, formal stock recommendations, timely updates, and exclusive investing tools are all at your fingertips, at one of the lowest prices in the entire investment world.

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Just $12 a Month.

Top Buy Recommendations

The Best Magic Formula® Style Stocks

Magic Formula® Investing (MFI) and similar screens do not look for growth potential. They do not analyze for advantages ("moats") that protect against competition. They cannot identify great management teams - or greedy, ineffective ones. They do not know about one-time, non-recurring revenue windfalls, crippling debt burdens, or dying business models. These factors are important to know when choosing MFI stocks. MagicDiligence Top Buys are the truly great companies, ones with growth potential, strong competitive advantages, solid financial underpinnings, effective management, and most importantly, are deeply undervalued by the market. New Top Buy picks are released bi-weekly, complete with a full research report and detailed rationale for investment.

Timing is Everything

When To Buy. And When To Sell.

In investing, timing is critical. That's why every Top Buy recommendation comes with a Buy Under price, representing a sensible level at which to buy, providing substantial estimated upside and providing a suitable margin-of-safety, limiting risk. When to sell is equally important. Thorough research and back-testing have led us to a proprietary, optimized strategy for selling that keeps you in the best MFI stocks for multi-year, multi-hundred percent gains! Top Buy picks are updated whenever significant events or changes in outlook occur, so you are never in the dark. And MagicDiligence also provides a Favorite 5 to Buy Now list, updated weekly, so members can pounce on the most attractive Magic Formula® opportunities at any given time.

Additional Stock Reviews

Know More Than Just A Ticker

While Top Buys represent the best of the best, they only cover a small portion of the MFI-style stock universe. For the others, MagicDiligence reviews 1-2 additional stocks every month, providing detailed analysis and opinion, and giving each a "positive", "neutral", or "avoid" recommendation. MagicDiligence has research covering small and micro-cap stocks you won't find anywhere else. And with existing reviews of over 70% of the stocks in the "official" Magic Formula® screens, you'll never be without investing ideas.

Exclusive Investing Tools

Expanding The Formula

MagicDiligence provides several investing tools not available anywhere else. Our tools further expand on the Magic Formula strategy to provide even more detail for investors to find attractive investment opportunities. Our tools even export data to Microsoft Excel to integrate into your work flow. See additional details on our group of exclusive tools below:

The MagicDiligence Screener approximates the "official" Magic Formula screen, with multiple additional features. What are the market's most attractive buys today?

  • Screen by earnings yield or free cash flow yield.
  • Screen a larger number of stocks (up to 500, compared to only 50 in the "official" site).
  • Limit the screen to a maximum market cap, as well as the standard minimum market cap.
  • See and sort by any of the actual calculated statistics.
  • Quickly see each stock's 3 year average revenue growth to quickly find stocks that are not only cheap and quality, but growing as well!

The Portfolio Ranker allows you to rank any list of stocks in the "Magic Formula" style. Which stocks in your watch list rank the highest?

  • Rank any list of stocks, up to hundreds at a time.
  • Rank by earnings yield or free cash flow yield.
  • See and sort by any of the actual calculated statistics.
  • Color coded statistical values to quickly see where each stock ranks in the broader market.

The Single Stock Stats Calculator shows you detailed information about the "Magic" statistics for a single stock. Is your stock a good buy?

  • Use "Instant Diligence" to see where each statistical value ranks in the broader market.
  • See a detailed breakdown of how each statistic is calculated.
  • Access detailed, independent research for hundreds of stocks.

The Stats Distribution tool allows you to see all screenable stocks in the market, grouped by each individual "Magic" statistic. Which stocks have the highest ranking of the statistic most important to you?

  • Stocks grouped into quintiles (20% groups) for each statistic: earnings yield, free cash yield, return on tangible capital, and 3 year average revenue growth rate.
  • Select statistic and quintile to display.
  • Table of stocks include all "Magic" statistics, color-coded to quickly see where each ranks within the broader market.

The MagicDiligence Star List finds the only stocks in the market to rank in the top 20% for each statistic: earnings yield, free cash yield, return on tangible capital, and 3 year average revenue growth rate. What are the cheapest stocks of the most efficient, fastest growing companies in the market?

  • Find the only stocks in the market to rank in the top 20% for each "Magic" statistic.
  • Updated daily.

Low Cost

Low Risk

At just $12 a month, MagicDiligence is priced well below almost any other stock research and recommendation service - anywhere. While most investing services charge huge annual fees, our low cost monthly structure lets you utilize investing advice only when you need it. No other investing service provides a better value for the price.

Members Love MagicDiligence

"I find your site extremely useful. I have been purchasing Magic stocks for about 2.5 years, and I would probably have stopped if I had not had access to the information on your site." - Robert H.
"A few days back I was notified that my annual MD subscription was up. I instantly renewed (looks like monthly is now the option). As I did this, it struck me that my MD subscription fee is quite literally the single best investment I've ever made in my life... I have quite literally never lost a dime on any MD recommendation... So - THANK YOU. And please, please, please keep up the outstanding work! " - Rob R.
"Having been a member going on two years now I have been able to turn my portfolio around using your recommendations from a devastating 43% loss two years ago to a 20% gain this last year. Still down 26% but gaining ground quickly. I fell in to the trap using the Magic Formula screen and attempting to perform my own research on the hundreds of stocks that it generated to my own financial demise. THANK YOU!" - Alan W.
"Your analysis is really amazing - instead of company history summaries that are sort of cut-and-pastes from Yahoo Finance profiles, it's like you've been tracking or working at these companies for years." - Brent M.
"I want to tell you how much I like your site. I access it at least once per week to run screens and several other times per week to look at the numbers on individual stocks. I manage a portfolio using your site as my "fundamental screen" and then layer on some technical screens and analysis. My performance is better than SPX YTD, so I am pretty happy with that. " - Derek S.
"Just wanted to thank you for your excellent website... I would easily pay double for your service (or more)." - Edward K.
"it's now about 1.5 years since I have been a member of, and I have to say it's a great product at a fair price." - Tobias K.
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