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MFI Portfolio Statistics Tool Now Available!

Since launching the MFI Statistics Calculator tool a little over a year ago, one common request has been the ability to run and compare several stocks at once by their Magic Formula statistics. Well, now you can, with the MFI Portfolio Statistics Calculator!

Using the Portfolio Stats Calculator is simple. Simply enter a comma-separated list of tickers (up to 100) and click "Go!". The tool will quickly calculate the Magic Formula earnings yield and return on capital figures and display the output in a table, along with the relative Magic Formula-style rank of each stock within the portfolio. Column headers can be clicked to quickly sort the list of stocks by name, earnings yield, return on capital, current ratio, or MFI rank. All of the calculated statistics are also color-coded to provide "Instant Diligence". Hover your mouse over any of the color-coded figures to get an idea of whether that number is good, bad, average, or suspicious (which could indicate one-time revenue windfalls or questionable numbers).

Additionally, the Portfolio Stats Calculator allows you to download the tables in Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV format, for import into spreadsheets. This allows you to do additional analysis work if so desired.

With the Portfolio Stats Calculator tool, a whole range of possibilities opens up. Want to get an idea of the relative rank of the current official MFI stocks? Want to compare all of the stocks in a particular industry sector against each other to find the best relative value? Looking to pare the least attractive stocks from your own portfolio? All of these, and many other scenarios, are now possible with this tool.

The Portfolio Stats Calculator tool is available exclusively to MagicDiligence Members. You can try it FREE for 30 days, in addition to having access to all member research, stock picks, and updates.

Of course, for those who like to examine the minute details of the MFI calculations for each stock, the single-stock Stats Calculator tool will also remain available.

Give it a try today!

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