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MagicDiligence offers a multitude of exclusive investing tools that take your run-of-the-mill stock screeners to the next level. Forget difficult-to-use, confusing, and inaccurate screens. Our tools are designed to be useful, simple, and effective for ALL investors, from professional to first-time amateur, at a price that anyone can afford! An unlimited amount of investing ideas at your fingertips. Start investing the Magic Way, today!

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Just $8 a Month.

Value, Growth... Magic Spells!

Unique Screens for Any Kind of Investor

We've taken the advanced statistics and ranking methodology of Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula® strategy and applied it in a variety of ways to create a unique set of "spells", updated daily! The Magic Recipe Spell was inspired by the Magic Formula itself - complete with real stats and rankings! The Deep Value Spell finds the stocks of companies selling truly cheaply against earnings AND free cash flow! The Quality Growth Spell finds fast growing companies with high returns on capital: the two keys to long-term investments that can double, triple... and beyond! Finally, the Star List Spell looks for the best of ALL worlds: the ONLY stocks in the market that rank in the top 20% of several growth, value, efficiency, and financial health metrics. No matter what kind of investor you are, we have a spell to generate you attractive investment ideas at ANY time!

Spell Caster Screener

Find Any Kind Of Stocks - Magically!

Our unique spells are just the beginning! Using the Spell Caster, you can easily find the BEST of any kind of stocks you want. Start with one of our spells or create your own from scratch! Looking for micro-cap growth stocks? You bet! Looking to do a Magic Formula-style screen using just technology stocks? No problem! Hoping to find deep value stocks with better-than-average revenue growth? Easy! Some of the Spell Caster's features include:

  • Filter by market cap, industry, advanced earnings and cash flow metrics, and more!
  • Rank stocks in the "Magic" style, using any of our advanced valuation, efficiency, or growth metrics.
  • See up to 500 stocks in each screen.
  • Download your screens to Microsoft Excel.
  • Run unlimited spells daily
  • See our Business Model Diligence ranking to find truly wide-moat companies.
  • ... and much more!

Magic Diligence

A Detailed Look Into and Beyond the Numbers

Interested in a particular stock? Search it out on MagicDiligence and get Instant Diligence that tells you how the stock ranks in the overall market. Is Microsoft's valuation one of the cheapest in the market - or just average? Does Google trade inexpensively against its free cash flows or not? Where does Apple's recent revenue growth rank when compared to the broader market? Is Coca-Cola's financial health worrisome, or is it safe? Instant Diligence has the answers. Get access also to our Business Model Diligence to help you quickly find truly GREAT companies from the multitudes of screened stocks. With this, we rank a firm's business model as green, yellow, or red, depending on how strong the company's long-term competitive advantages are and how reliable their revenue streams are, explaining our reasoning in the process. Finally, we also reveal all of our "Magic" tricks - giving you detailed calculations that break down exactly how we calculate ALL of our advanced statistics!

Magic Screeners

Greenblatt-Style Screens - On Steroids!

The Magic Formula® Investing official screener really does look like magic - punch in a market cap and select 30 or 50 stocks, get an (unordered) list of results! Our Magic Screener attempts to duplicate this methodology, but also peels the curtain back, giving you a wealth of additional information, features, and options. Our Portfolio Ranker also lets you rank any list of stocks you provide using the "magic" method! Both tools include:

  • Actual ranking of stocks, not just an alphabetical sorting
  • Actual statistical values and how they rank in the market
  • Business Model Diligence to find the strongest, most reliable companies
  • 3-Year Revenue Growth to quickly find growing companies
  • Sortable columns
  • Rank by free cash flow yield instead of earnings yield
  • Specify a maximum market cap in addition to a minimum
  • Ability to see up to 500 stocks, instead of just 50
  • Download your screens to Microsoft Excel
  • Run unlimited screens daily

Stock Statistics Distribution

Generate Ideas Quickly And Easily

The Stock Statistics Distribution tool lets you pick one of the "Magic" statistics, then takes every stock in our universe and ranks them into "buckets" for that statistic: Poor (0-20% percentile), Below Average (20-40%), Average (40-60%), Above Average (60-80%), Very Good (80-99%), and "Suspiciously High" (99-100%). Want to see which stocks are in the top 20% of the market for free cash flow yield? Do it here. Want to see the top percentile of fastest growers? Select 3-year Average Revenue growth and the "Very Good" bucket. Interested in some high-risk but potentially high reward plays? Try the "Suspiciously High" bucket. With the ability to sort columns by statistic, this tool lets you find what you are looking for quickly and generate dozens of ideas - without fooling with 10 or 15 data points like you would with most screeners.

Low Cost

Low Risk

At just $8 a month, MagicDiligence is priced below your most recent lunch outing. While most investing services and tools charge huge annual fees, our low cost monthly structure lets you utilize investing tools and content only when you need them. With simple tools to find nearly unlimited investing ideas, no other investing service provides a better value for the price.

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"I find your site extremely useful. I have been purchasing Magic stocks for about 2.5 years, and I would probably have stopped if I had not had access to the information on your site." - Robert H.
"These tools look phenomenal. Wow! I've been searching for a way to screen for CROIC. Now I can blend it with FCF and other criteria. This is really major for me. THANKS AGAIN!" - Ken K.
"Your analysis is really amazing - instead of company history summaries that are sort of cut-and-pastes from Yahoo Finance profiles, it's like you've been tracking or working at these companies for years." - Brent M.
"I want to tell you how much I like your site. I access it at least once per week to run screens and several other times per week to look at the numbers on individual stocks. I manage a portfolio using your site as my "fundamental screen" and then layer on some technical screens and analysis. My performance is better than SPX YTD, so I am pretty happy with that. " - Derek S.
"Just wanted to thank you for your excellent website... I would easily pay double for your service (or more)." - Edward K.
"it's now about 1.5 years since I have been a member of, and I have to say it's a great product at a fair price." - Tobias K.
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