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How To Calculate A Screen's Performance

Calculating performance for a fund or ETF is relatively simple, but how do we calculate performance for a daily stock screen? This article shows how.

September SOTM: Check Point Technologies (CHKP)

Check Point Technologies has an attractive market position in the "inevitable" and growing market of network security. The market is undervaluing its robust and reliable cash flows and potential for growth.

Reviewing the Magic Recipe Stocks: #1-10

Quick, "Twitter-style" reviews of Magic Recipe stocks #1-10.

Reviewing the Magic Recipe Stocks: #11-20

Quick, "Twitter-style" reviews of Magic Recipe stocks #11-20.

Reviewing the Magic Recipe Stocks: #21-30

Quick, "Twitter-style" reviews of Magic Recipe stocks #21-30.

Reviewing the Magic Recipe Stocks: #31-40

Quick, "Twitter-style" reviews of Magic Recipe stocks #41-50.

Reviewing the Magic Recipe Stocks: #41-50

Quick, "Twitter-style" reviews of Magic Recipe stocks #41-50.

Reviewing The First Quarter Of Performance For Our Spells

We take a look at how our 4 Spells performed against the broader market in their first 3 months.

Mr. Market Is Way Far Off On Wayfair

Wayfair looks like a classic growth winner, with a huge potential market and strong network effects. But Mr. Market is pricing it modestly. This could be an opportunity for investors.

Magic Recipe Movers For Week Of 5/15/2016

Stocks moving in and out of the Magic Recipe Screen for the week ending 5/15/2016.

Should Apple Be This Cheap?

Apple has challenges, but should it trade this cheaply? We take a look at a few valuation scenarios.

Here's a Quick And Dirty Way To Value Any Stock

Sometimes, you just need a "quick and dirty" valuation for a stock. Here is a way to do it.

Your Magic Recipe Spell Changes From Last Week

Here are the changes in the Magic Recipe Spell from last week.

The Google of Genetic Testing Looks Like A Buy Right Now

This firm dominates the market for genetic testing machines, has huge growth potential, and fell 20% this week. The time to buy could be now.

How To Beat The Yankees Of Investing

How an individual investor can take the lessons of a baseball book to beat the multi-billion dollar hedge and mutual funds.

New Magic Recipe Stocks Last Week

Check out the 3 stocks moving into the Magic Recipe Spell screen this past week.

An Unknown Stock Set To Benefit From The Energy Revolution

There is an energy revolution ongoing in the U.S. Here is an unknown and very cheap stock to play it with.

Magic Recipe Spell Changes Last Week

Stocks dropping into and out of the Magic Recipe Spell stock screen last week.

The Magic Tricks To Finding Great Stocks

Here are the "magic tricks" we use to find great stocks.

The Only Stock In ALL Of Our Screens

There is one - and only one - stock that appears in ALL 4 of our stock screening "Spells", and it looks like an attractive buy.

Changes in the Magic Recipe Spell This Week

A handful of new stocks entering the Magic Recipe Spell this past week.

4 Reasons Why Stock Splits Are Good

Stock splits are not just cosmetic. Here are 4 practical ways they benefit individual investors.

New Magic Recipe Stocks for 3/27/2016

New stocks in the Magic Recipe screen for the week ending 3/27/2016.

How To Calculate Return on Capital

How we calculate return on capital and the differences in the methods used by our screening tools.

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