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Magic Formula Investing Weekly Roundup 3/22/2015

Weekly roundup of stocks moving in and out of Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula® Investing screens.

Fonar: A Micro-Cap With 40% Upside

Fonar has a lot desirable attributes: stable cash flows, decent competitive advantages, a plausible growth strategy, and most importantly, a cheap price. I think it has 40% upside - or more.

What's New In Magic Formula Investing 3/8/2015

What's new - and what is out - in the Magic Formula® Investing screens over the past week.

Is Discovery Communications (DISCA) A Buy Right Now?

Discovery has a lot of really nice attributes that make it one of the highest quality media companies in the MFI screens right now. But the key question is: is the price right?

Crown Media (CRWN) Is An Attractive Stock Right Now

Crown Media, operator of the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, has been steadily improving its distribution and ratings. At its current valuation, the stock looks like a good buy.

Magic Formula Investing Weekly Roundup 2/22/2015

Summary of turnover in the Magic Formula® Investing screens for the week ending 2/22/2015.

Is Microsoft Cheap Again?

With a 10% drop after earnings and a new direction, is Microsoft a cheap stock again?

New Stocks In Magic Formula Investing for 2/1/2015

There was a lot of turnover in Magic Formula® Investing last week. Here is a list of stocks moving in and out of the screens.

Sanderson Farms and Pilgrim's Pride: A Game Of Chicken

With Sanderson Farms and Pilgrim's Pride entering the Magic Formula® screens, times are good in the chicken industry. Are these two stocks to consider?

How To Accurately Predict The Future Value Of A Stock

Believe it or not, there is a strategy that already knows what the future price of a stock is going to be. We take a look at it, and highlight two Magic Formula stocks it can be used on at present.

Changes In Magic Formula Investing For Week Of 1/18/15

What new stocks have entered the Magic Formula® screens this week? Which stocks have dropped out? A summary of changes in the screens.

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