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Why Kellogg Is Not A Real Value Stock

Like Kraft, Kellogg's appearance in the Magic Formula® screens is due to pension accounting, not actual business value. Here's what the stock is really worth.

Changes in the Magic Formula Screens for Week of 6/22/2014

Stocks entering and exiting Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula® screens over the past week.

This Stock Has the Secret Qualities Gurus Look For, But Should You Buy It?

Recent spinoff TIME has the qualities highlighted in not one, but two of Joel Greenblatt's books. Should you buy it?

New Stocks in the Magic Formula Screens for 6/8/2014

Weekly roundup of stocks entering (and exiting) the Magic Formula® Investing screens over the past week.

5 Dominant Retail Stocks With Huge Upside Potential

5 retail companies that dominate their industries, and whose stocks are trading at multi-year low valuations.

Stocks Moving In and Out of the Magic Formula Last Week

What's new in the Magic Formula® screens this week? A look at stocks that entered - and exited - the screens over the past week.

Here's A Quick and Easy Way to Find Great Magic Formula Stocks

For finding great stock opportunities, the Magic Formula® screens are a good place to start. This easy trick filters those screens down even more

After a 25% Decline, Is It Time to Buy Travelzoo (TZOO)?

Travelzoo (TZOO) is down 25% in the past month, but has some attractive catalysts going forward. Is it time to buy?

This Dominant, Sold-Off Retailer Could Generate a 55% Return

GNC dominates its niche field of health supplement specialty retail. After a recent sell-off, the stock could generate a 55% return by the end of the year.

Turnover in the Magic Formula Screens for 5/4/2014

Stocks moving in and out of the Magic Formula® Investing screens over the past week.

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