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After reading Joel Greenblatt's The Little Book that Beats the Market in 2007, I was impressed with how effectively the strategy he devised, Magic Formula® Investing (MFI), so succinctly pulled together many fundamental tenants of value based investing into a very simple method that anyone can follow.

I've been investing in individual stocks for over 15 years. It is a passion that has led me through volumes of investing books, business tomes, and accounting manuals. My influence has always been of the value-based variety: Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Ken Fisher, and Pat Dorsey are just a few investors whose philosophies have shaped my own. After reading his book, Joel Greenblatt was added to that list.

After looking more into the stocks screened by the strategy, I quickly realized that many of the stocks were outstanding investment opportunities - but also littered with highly risky companies, many with large debt burdens, declining industries, fad products, accounting issues, and so forth.

It occurred to me, as well as many other investors, that MFI would make a great basis for stock research - a way to screen and generate a "universe" of attractive stock picks. From this universe, I could apply my many years of stock analysis to further pare down this list into only the very best investment opportunities. I could throw out the bad or mediocre stocks and buy just the ones with good growth potential, strong competitive advantages, excellent management, and rock solid financial health. And since this concept had not yet been applied anywhere else, I decided to start MagicDiligence to share my research and opinions with the rest of the MFI and investment community at large.

MagicDiligence has grown rapidly since that time, and articles from this site have been featured on some of the largest investing websites in the world, including, The Motley Fool, Yahoo! Finance, and Seeking Alpha. My goal is to continue to offer quality recommendations, useful and accessible research, and exclusive investing tools at the lowest prices in the entire industry.

I hope you enjoy MagicDiligence and would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to contact me directly anytime through email at All the best!

Steve Alexander
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Editor-Owned Stocks

Below is a list of stocks currently owned by the editor:

AGX (Argan Inc)
AMAG (AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc)
BBBY (Bed Bath and Beyond, Inc.)
CALL (magicJack Vocaltech Ltd)
CBI (Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. NV)
COH (Coach Inc.)
FONR (Fonar Corporation)
FOSL (Fossil Group Inc)
GILD (Gilead Sciences Inc)
GME (GameStop Corp.)
GPS (Gap Inc. (The))
MEI (Methode Electronics Inc)
NLS (Nautilus Inc)
NOV (National Oilwell Varco Inc)
NUS (Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.)
PII (Polaris Industries Inc)
TWX (Time Warner Inc)
VIAB (Viacom Inc)

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