Magic Formula Investing Weekly Roundup 12/13

This week's turnover in our two Magic Formula Investing screens:

Entering the 100 over 50 million screen:

  • ACN - Accenture Ltd
  • ARB - Arbitron Inc
  • ARP - American Reprographics Co
  • DDMX - Dynamex Inc.
  • DELL - Dell Inc.
  • GSIT - GSI Technology Inc
  • ITWO - I2 Technologies Inc
  • KHD - KHD Humboldt Wedag International Ltd
  • KNL - Knoll Inc
  • MAXY - Maxygen Inc
  • MHP - McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (The)
  • PDX - Pediatrix Medical Group Inc.
  • PVSW - Pervasive Software Inc
  • RHI - Robert Half International Inc.
  • VSNT - Versant Corp

Dropping out of the 100 over 50 million screen:

  • AMSWA - American Software Inc
  • ASF - Administaff Inc.
  • CITP - COMSYS IT Partners Inc
  • CPD - Caraco Pharmaceuticals Laboratories LTD
  • GNI - Great Northern Iron Ore Properties
  • GTI - Graftech International Ltd
  • HLIT - Harmonic Inc
  • IIIN - Insteel Industries
  • ISIL - Intersil Corp
  • MTRX - Matrix Service Company
  • PCR - Perini Corp
  • PRO - PROS Holdings Inc
  • QLGC - QLogic Corp
  • TDC - Teradata Corp
  • TWLL - Techwell Inc
  • VRAD - Virtual Radiologic Corporation

Entering the 50 over 2 billion screen:

  • DELL - Dell Inc.
  • EGN - Energen Corp.
  • JOYG - Joy Global Inc
  • KBR - KBR Inc
  • MAN - Manpower Inc
  • MDR - McDermott International Inc.
  • NCR - NCR Corp
  • STX - Seagate Technology

Dropping out of the 50 over 2 billion screen:

  • CSCO - Cisco Systems Inc
  • FLR - Fluor Corp.
  • FLS - Flowserve Corp.
  • INTC - Intel Corp
  • LOGI - Logitech International SA, Apples
  • NSM - National Semiconductor Corp
  • NUE - Nucor Corp
  • XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp
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